Is Nintendo Doing Deals with Amazon and Disney?

While this is just a rumour it’s an interesting one. Nintendo haven’t really rushed to join the world of mobile devices (other than the DS of course) with their games, but this year they finally gave in to the idea. 

Some rumours have been started on a Spanish website Revogamers though which brings up some interesting potential news that Nintendo may be in negotiation to get their games on the Amazon Appstore, as well as doing some deals with Disney in relation to their characters and Amiibos.

While these are rumours, it is interesting to note that the site was correct on some Amiibo and Nintendo characters joining Skylanders. If this latest news on the deal between Nintendo and Disney are true this would mean:

  • Nintendo would make their mobile games available on the Amazon Appstore.
  • Nintendo are interested in games for the Amazon TV devices
  • There is some speculation about Android Apps from Nintendo.

As Amazon’s devices use a restricted version of the Android OS it is believable that they would be interested in Nintendo games being made available to their users. This would also mean that if Nintendo were looking to move apps onto the Amazon App Store then there will be Android versions available too.

Others rumours mentioned on the site included negotiations between Nintendo and Disney on the inclusion of the Amiibo characters into Disney Infinity 3.0.  It’s stated that while negotiations have not yet been completed there is no dead end to negotiations yet. Disney did want to have Mario in Infinity, which is no surprise with him being such a popular character.

If these rumours are true this is positive signs from Nintendo in regard to how their characters could be used.  If they were on good terms with Disney, could this lead to Mario appearing in Wreck it Ralph?

What are your thoughts on these rumours? Would you like to see Disney and Nintendo working closer together like this? Let us know below.