For Honor Dominion Mode, Factions, Art of Battle System Detailed

I don’t know about you but I am kinda into medieval times and everything that comes with it. This was the primary reason why For Honor got my attention at E3 2015

If we think alike, you would be interested in some new information. Here’s a new video where the gameplay designer, Bio Jade Adam Granger, discusses the 4v4 mode Dominion among a few other things. Check it out above.

For Honor’s multiplayer skirmishes between knights, samurai and Vikings are more than just bloody spectacle – they’re also a refreshingly fast and complex approach to medieval warfare, combining melee crowd-battles; duels that require intense focus and quick thinking; and the battlefield rhythms of a multiplayer shooter. It’s a blend that really shines in Dominion mode, which challenges four-knight teams to capture and hold control points while slashing each other to ribbons.

So the Dominion mode in For Honor is a 4v4 team based strategy mode where you are tasked with retaining strategy points at the same time while killing opponents. This helps break the enemy moral which in turn would result in your side winning the battle.

Once you have captured the strategic points, the enemy grows the weakest; their only hope will be to win over some of the points and will be able to come back at you with some force if they are successful.

She also talked about the Art of Battle System that governs how the strategic elements of the game can benefit you or become nuisance if you ignore them.

Watch the video above and tell us what you think about For Honor.