FIFA 16, NHL 16, and NBA Live 16 Special Editions Detailed

Now that we have the release dates for this year’s usual bundle of EA Sports games, it is also time for the different editions to be detailed. Fans are almost certainly going to pre-order their favorites so it is just a case of providing some incentives to get them to make the right choice.

Some special edition details have been revealed for Fifa 16, NHL 16 and NBA Live 16 and all come with fairly heftu price tags. The biggest is probably FIFA 16 with the $100 Super Deluxe Edition.

The FIFA 16 Editions:

  • Standard Edition ($60): Pre-order will include $15 of Ultimate Team content with fifteen Premium Gold Packs released over fifteen weeks.
  • Deluxe Edition ($70): $50 dollars of FIFA Ultimate Team content with 40 Premium Gold Packs which will be released over twenty weeks. Lionel Messi will also be available for five games for your team.  “KO” and “BAILANDO ROBOT” celebrations will also be available to these users first.
  • Super Deluxe Edition ($200): Digital only release with 40 Ultimate Team Jump Premium Gold Packs, released over fourty weeks. Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero and Thibaut Courtois available for five games with above celebrations also included.

NHL 16 Editions:

  • Standard Edition ($60): Pre-orders come with $15 of Hockey Ultimate Team content including fifteen Ultimate Team Gold packs distributed over fifteen weeks.
  • Deluxe Edition ($70): $50 Hockey Ultimate Team content with forty Ultimate Team gold packs given out over twenty weeks.

NBA Live 16:

  • Standard Edition ($60): Pre-orders include $10 Live Ultimate Team content with ten Pro Packs distributed over ten weeks.

This gives players plenty of choice on which edition to go for. I’m sure that most will look at the Deluxe editions but the $100 Super Deluxe Edition may be a little far for most.

Would you consider paying $100 for the Super Deluxe Edition of FIFA 16? Let us know below.