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DriveClub PS Plus Edition Is Finally Available to Download On US and EU PS Store

Finally, Evolution Studios has released the free version of DriveClub. The title is available to download over at the PlayStation Store in US and EU.

The free PS Plus Edition of the game was promised back when DriveClub was announced. We expected it to release alongside the paid version in 2014, but sadly it was delayed after servers were hammered on release and weeks to follow.

Thankfully, all that is behind us and Sony has finally fulfilled its promise. The good news was shared with us by Evolution’s Paul Rustchynsky on Twitter:

The free version of the game will feature enough content for you to be engaged for a while, but in order to fully access the game and all that is has to offer, you will have to buy the game.

DriveClub PS Plus Edition features the following:

  • Every feature available in DriveClub: this includes online multiplayer both matches and challenges, offline solo races, tour events, customisations, replays and more.
  • Players will be able to create their own races with full control over options such as time of day and weather.
  • Access to all 13 tracks in India, one of the six locations of DriveClub.
  • 15 cars that can be stored in your garage
  • All 27 Playstation trophies available for the full version of DriveClub. This includes the Platinum.

Download the game and let us know if it’s able convince you on buying the full version or not.