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Dragon’s Dogma Online Screenshots Reveal Two New Classes

Dragon’s Dogma Online is slated for a release in Japan later this year and so far we haven’t heard much regarding its arrival in the west.

Since its announcement plenty of details and gameplay trailers have been shared by the creators, and they have more to share with us. Some new screenshots have been released to announce two new classes for Dragon’s Dogma Online.

The first class is the “Element Archer,” who according to a rough Google translation, is able to manipulate arrows by using some sort of spiritual power. Also, it seems arrows come out of his right hand, so I guess we’ll have unlimited supply of arrows.

Also, the Element Archer will be able to heal allies by using an ability called “healing Maya.”

The second class we have is the usual “Warrior,” who uses heavy attacks against enemies and will wear a thick armor for protection. His attacks can cause significant damage to large targets like a cyclopes.

Screenshots I mentioned are posted below, check them out and let us know what you think of them in the comments.

Lastly, for those looking to give the game a try, Dragon’s Dogma Online is going into a beta test starting July 7. Hopefully, you have already signed-up.