Battlefield Hardline Premium Players Finally Getting Criminal Activity DLC

Delays happen with games, it is just something to be expected especially if we don’t want bugs. This is why Battlefield Hardlines’s Criminal Activity DLC which was due to launch June 16 was held up for the PC because of “technical difficulties.”

Luckily for the fans who were looking forward to this, a tweet today has given them the new that they wanted to hear:

This new downloadable content for Battlefield Hardline is aimed at the Enforcer class offering new weapons such as the FAL, SG510, and KSG-12 for that class only.

New gadgets will also be available as well as a new battle pick-up, two new vehicles, new game mode and eight new masks. Two new maps are Code Blue set in a Miami nightclub and Backwoods which is set in the Redwoods in Pacific Northwest.

The Hardline Battlefield Criminal Activity DLC also includes the new Bounty Hunter game mode which is pretty self-explanatory. This mode is similar to the Kill Confirmed mode found in recent Call of Duty games.

This DLC is available to premium players so no doubt the technical issues that kept the launch delayed for the PC will have caused some frustration.  Now that Visceral Games have managed to get the release out I’m sure players will be eager to get playing with the new features.

As a way to apologise to the PC gamers for the delay they were awarded with Gold Battlepacks which were announced by Community Manager Dan Mitre:

I’m sure that did alleviate some of the annoyance that they felt with the delays.

Are you a Battlefield Hardline PC player who was affected by this Delay? Let us know your thoughts on it below.