You Can Unlock Halo 5 Pre-order Bonuses By Playing The Game

With the latest game releases pre-order incentives seem so common place that we often just assume there will be a number of releases, all with different free in-game content designed to try and get us to promise our money early for our chosen edition. 

We don’t expect them to be available to everybody on release, there are so many “exclusives” that it can be confusing as to just who will get what. This is why when Josh Holmes, the Studio Head for Halo 5: Guardians tweeted this, it was welcomed as a ray of light in the cloudy confusion of pre-orders:

As the tweet states this means that all in-game incentives that come with pre-orders can be earned by actual gameplay anyway. The difference is that the people who did not pre-order will have a little more work to do to get this unlockable content. 

This will no doubt be welcome news to people who don’t want to pre-order. It’s a sad fact that playing games as day one releases, which pre-ordering tends to lead to these days, is often a risky business in terms of performance.

This is not to say that there is nothing wrong with being early adopters. If anything 343 Industries are giving you the good incentives to pre-order. It’s just nice to see that they fully understand that not everybody wants to pre-order and players should not be punished for that fact.

With the negative side of pre-ordering, and now that a big developer like 343 Industries has made a positive move like this it would be nice to see if others would follow the same trend. As pre-order incentives seem to be a big part of the business though this is highly doubtful.

What are your thoughts on pre-order incentives? Let us know below.