Terraria 1.3 Gets Official Trailer Featuring New Enemies, Locations,

“The light prospers, but the darkness grows,” is but one of the dramatic sentences that the new trailer of Terraria 1.3 kicks off with.

Re-Logic, the developers of the 12 million copy sold sidescroller have released an official one as things get heated up.

If you are not playing the game currently, you might ask what’s the heat for. Well, Terraria 1.3 is the newest version of the game which is slated for a release at the end of this month; meaning we are now less than a week away.

The trailer in question shows off the new locations that you will get to explore and conquer which are a lot of things including dark, fun and dangerous.

You are also going to get new enemies and Re-Logic made sure that you get a glimpse or two of them in the trailer as well.

Other highlights of the trailer include new boss mechanics that the game is going to introduce, a glimpse of the expert mode and finally a war with the ancient evil.

For those of you who don’t know, Terraria 1.3 is scheduled to hit the markets on June 30. Are you ready? When the latest version of the game releases, will you be getting it?