Super Mario World Beaten in 23 Minutes by a Blindfolded Guy

So yeah, people are sometimes so good at a game that you have a hard time believing what they pulled off. For instance this guy who decided not only to beat Super Mario World in just 23 minutes but also did it with his eyes blindfolded.

Yes, you read that right.

PangaeaPanga is a Twitch user who can be seen in the video above taking down everything that comes his way without seeing anything. To be exact, it took him 23 minutes and 14 seconds to get the feat done.

In his own words this is a world record – we will verify this – and I am sure it is at least next to impossible to beat.

Wait, this gets even more interesting. PangaeaPanga says that he started practicing strategies to beat the game while being blindfolded only on June 16. If this is true, he only had a week for preparation.

He identifies himself as a hacker and a tool assisted speedrunner of Super Mario World.

Check him out above and tell us if you think you or somebody you know should try beating his record.