PES 2016 20th Anniversary Edition to be PS4 Exclusive

When it comes to soccer games, the battle for dominance between EA Sport’s FIFA and Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) was one that went back and forth for years, until FIFA appeared to become the dominant franchise. With the move to the Xbox One and Playstation 4, PES has managed to pull the fight back slightly and fans are starting to look at it as a serious contender once again to the FIFA crown.

With the anticipation for the release of PES 2016 in September, it will mark the 20th year of the franchise which means that celebrations are in order. So there is no shock really that a 20th Anniversary Edition has been announced.

What is a surprise though is the fact that this edition will be an exclusive to the Playstation 4 and also Amazon. Included along with the Collectors’ Steelbook and exclusive cover art will be these additions for My Club:

  • 1x UEFA TOTY 2014 player
  • 1x player – Neymar
  • 10,000 GP x 20 weeks
  • 20x Recovery Items
  • 5x Player Contracts
  • 1000 myClub coins


This is priced on the UK Amazon site as costing £69.99, which compared to the Day One edition’s price of £44.99 is quite a jump. It’ll be interesting to see who is willing to pay this extra price, especially when the Day One edition has these extras:

  • 1x UEFA TOTY 2014 player
  • 1x player loan (10 matches) – Neymar
  • 10,000 GP x 10 weeks
  • 10x Recovery Items
  • 3x Player Contracts

Looking at both lists there really isn’t much difference between the two but for a few extra features in the 20th anniversary edition, so will it be worth it?

What are your thoughts on the PES 20th Anniversary Edition being a Playstation 4 exclusive?, is it worth it? Let us know below.