Nintendo Amiibo Are Still Being Hand-Painted, It Takes Time So Be Patient!

Nintendo Amiibo are one of the most popular collectibles of all time, but the maker has failed to provide a healthy supply of these figurine.

People are forced to buy rare figurine from websites like ebay for double or triple the price. While fans wait in agony for Amiibo to restock, Nintendo is taking things slow and still hand-painting each Amiibo. Somehow that just seemed like the right way to go.

During at interview, Fils-Aime was asked if the company was distracted from their video game business due to the creation of Amiibo. His comments revealed that Nintendo is still producing Amiibo by hand-painting, which is a highly Inefficient method.

You are talking about very different parts of our organization,” Fils-Aime said. “Amiibo is really a supply chain challenge and process right now: Getting the core design, building the mold, managing the production. Our amiibo are hand-painted. So it’s a very intricate supply chain.

The people involved in doing that are not the same people involved in creating the games and creating the implementation.

Sorry to say this but Nintendo is just being stupid! Thousands of fans are waiting for these things to come-out but the company is choosing the most inefficient way possible to produce Amiibo.

On the other hand, some may think it gives these figurine more detail and depth but at this point, the supply system has become frustrating for many.