Kingdom Hearts 3: Apart from Olympus Coliseum, Nearly All the Worlds are New

While the Square Enix E3 conference wasn’t exactly spectacular, they did give us some clues about the games that they are looking to release. One of these is the popular Kingdom Hearts 3, but even though we were able to see a trailer not much else was revealed. Director of the Kingdom Hearts series Tesuya Nomura may have given a few hints as to what is to come though in an interview with Dengeki Playstation magazine.

In it he gave some hints as to the gameplay:

The battle gameplay returns to commands such as ‘attack’ and ‘magic’ rather than deck commands. I thought that king of gameplay styles had the royal right to be used in a numbered Kingdom Hearts title.

On the worlds that will be included in the game he mentions:

I can’t speak in detail, but apart from Olympus Coliseum, nearly all the worlds are new.

On Sora:

For this title we are implementing free running so Sora’s mobility isn’t ordinary (laughs). Most things can be overcome with jumping and free running, and you can charging up walls and such

These little hints as to what to expect will obviously be welcome to fans of the series, especially the news on what worlds will be included. This will also start fans debating just what worlds will be coming, I’m sure there will be plenty of speculation as to what is to come.

With no official release date for the game though all we know is that the game is in development and we are likely to see an update at the D23 Expo in Japan which will be on November 3. This may lead up to the reveal of a release date which will most likely be in 2016, though that of course is just a guess.