Microsoft Shows Off New Xbox One Dashboard in a Video

If you didn’t know that this holiday Xbox One is going to get a dashboard overhaul, you should because this is a major change – as you will notice in the video above.

The whole layout has been changed, and new features added.

In the video the legendary Larry Hryb aka Major Nelson sits down with Richard Irvin from the Xbox engineering team to show off the changes that are going to be made as well as the new features you will see in the new Xbox One dashboard layout.

Firstly, it is faster for almost all the features that you use around your gaming experience. Moving on, you see the recently played games in a given area up front at the home, alongside some additional details like videos shared and developer announcements like latest patches.

In a change that I am not sure I like, they have moved Pins from the left to the the bottom, below recently played games which means you will have to scroll down a bit in order to get there.

The community area gives you the activity feed up on top while the right side gives you the trending area featuring new video announcements, trending games and players on Xbox Live and so on.

Your friend list, party, notifications, messages, and settings get a quick access on the left side too. More importantly, this menu can be accessed in-game.

Through the end of the video you also see how Cortana lets you get classy by just saying “hey Cortana record the last minute of my gameplay and share it on my activity feed.” She will do it and even ask you what will you like your message to say.

Its all pretty good from where I see it. What do you think about the new Xbox One dashboard?