MGS V The Phantom Pain PS4 Bundle Will Feature The New CUH-1200 Model

According to a new Tweet from Hideo Kojima, the amazing PlayStation 4 The Phantom Pain bundle will feature the newly announced CUH-1200 model.

The new model is less power hungry as it will demand 8% less energy. On top of that it weighs 10% less than the current PS4 model.

The new model doesn’t have the same glossy finish on the HDD cover, but it seems the console bundled with The Phantom Pain does.

The CUH-1200 model packed with MGS V The Phantom Pain bundle will feature the standard 500GB HDD space. However, Sony did recently announced a new PS4 with 1TB of HDD space.

It would have been better if The Phantom Pain bundle had the 1TB version. But it makes up for it with a beautiful grey DS4 controller which looks like the handgun used by Big Boss. The controller also has a Diamond Dogs logo on it.

The bundle will ship on September 1 across Europe, Australia and New Zealand. It’s the same day MGS V The Phantom Pain arrives in the market for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Will you be picking up this gorgeous system? Let us know in the comments.