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Forza Motorsport 6 Will Not Be Using DirectX 12

Well, we have some rather disappointing news for Xbox One users around the world. According to a new report, the upcoming Forza Motorsport 6 isn’t using the new DirectX 12.

The game is being developed on ForzaTech and it was believed that the engine will support DirectX 12. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case as Forza Motorsport 6 won’t be running on the new API.

The report claims that Kal El from TiC podcast hosted Turn10 Studios’ Dan Greenwalt. During an interview he was asked if the next installment in the popular racing franchise will use DX12. The answer to that question was a simple no!

Turn10 has said previously that Forza 6 will run at 60Fps and full 1080p resolution. The title also features dynamic weather and improved collision physics, if the E3 trailer is to be believed.

All these features will be running on a modified version of DX11, as revealed by Dan Greenwalt during the podcast. Some might see it as a disappointment but if you look at the footage shown so far, Turn10 has been able to do wonders with DX11, as Forza has never looked better.

However, games always look better before release and we will have to wait until the final build to see if Forza 6 is what it appears to be.

The Xbox One exclusive is slated for a release on September 15.