DriveClub PS Plus Edition Officially Releasing Tomorrow

After we reported DriveClub PS Plus Edition appearing on the Playstation Store early and then being removed we noted it was a sure sign that an official release date must be near. Today it has been confirmed that the game will in fact be released tomorrow (Thursday, 25th June).

The original appearance on the Playstation Store was a little pre-emptive especially when it comes to a game that is reliant on servers being ready, so it’ll be interesting if these few added days will mean that the Playstation Network is ready for the traffic that will inevitably build up when everybody rushes to try the free edition. With DriveClub Playstation Plus Edition the free functionality provided will be:

  • Every feature available in DriveClub: this includes online multiplayer both matches and challenges, offline solo races, tour events, customisations, replays and more.
  • Players will be able to create their own races with full control over options such as time of day and weather.
  • Access to all 13 tracks in India, one of the six locations of DriveClub.
  • 15 cars that can be stored in your garage
  • All 27 Playstation trophies available for the full version of DriveClub. This includes the Platinum.

With most people who were interested in DriveClub probably already owning the full version it will be interesting to see just who will try out the Playstation Plus variety. The main aim will be to get new users to taste the gameplay available, then push them towards upgrading to get the full functionality available, is this a release that is too little too late though?

What are your thoughts on DriveClub Playstation Plus Edition, will you be trying it out? Let us know below.