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DriveClub PS Plus Edition Gameplay Footage Posted On YouTube

The free DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition was published yesterday on the PlayStation Store, but it was removed from the store within an hour.

However, before Sony managed to pull it, it seems a user was able to download a copy of the game. He posted some gameplay footage as well on YouTube, which shows DriveClub’s free PS Plus Edition in action. The footage is posted above but keep in mind there is no way to verify this video is genuine.

Evolution Studio released DriveClub back in 2014 but due to plenty of server side issues, it indefinitely delayed the free version which Sony promised.

Fans have been waiting for the game to arrive for around 2 years now, so naturally they were excited to see it pop-up all of a sudden on PS Store.

But like I mentioned, it was pulled and explained Evolution that it was a premature release.

We’re preparing to launch DRIVECLUB PS+ Edition & will have news for you soon. The Store update today with the DRIVECLUB PS+ Edition was premature. The servers aren’t ready yet, so it’s been removed while we get them ready. Apologies on their behalf for any confusion and inconvenience caused.

The good news is that it won’t be long before we get our hands on DriveClub PS Plus Edition. We’ll let you know as soon the game goes live.