Diablo III: Patch 2.3.0 Previewed, Kanai’s Cube Sounds Overwhelming

With Patch 2.3.0, Diablo III is going to add a ton of new features, including a brand new zone, new artifact and legendary items, as well as various other updates.

The new patch is already on its way to the Public Test Realm, where players will have a chance to preview several of the upcoming features. To save us time and not wait for the testers to inform us about the changes, Blizzard has posted a lengthy preview of what is to be expected from Patch 2.3.

The new zone is called Ruins of Sescheron, and swims in the lore of barbarians. There are new enemies to be found here, as well as the lost Tomb of King Kanai.

Nothing good will come from venturing inside those salt-soaked crags. However, if adventurers are feeling up to the challenge, a new artifact is said to be hidden amongst these new grounds.

It’s called Kanai’s Cube, and contains power to allow the owner to take the special effects from any legendary item and wield it as a passive ability. There will be limits to how many you can activate at a time, though. According to Blizzard, that limit is currently one weapon effect, one armor effect, and one jewelry effect.

Note that the passives gained from Kanai’s Cube will not override the passive you already have on your character. The abilities gained from Kanai’s Cube as separate. However, players will not be able to stack legendary effects.

Patch 2.3. certainly looks to be huge in terms of enhancements. Kanai’s Cube alone is going to shift plenty of things around.

For more information on the update, head over to the original posting on Battle.net.