Batman Arkham Knight PC Graphics Analyzed and Compared to Console

Well, there is no doubt that Batman Arkham Knight PC version is currently in shambles – the developers are promising that they will work it out but we are not sure how much can it be improved.

Through all this, did you get the time to compare the PC version with the rest? I mean by default, a well made PC game is supposed to look good on a PC but what about this one?

According to a comparison video here, the developers have fallen short of the expectations considerably.

For instance, you would have figured that the textures in some of the cases are clearly of a lower quality when compared to the consoles – at least the PlayStation 4 version of Batman Arkham Knight.

Those of you who know a bit about the technicalities will agree that the game is also lacking in Bokeh DOF. Although the feature is used only in some cases, it has still not been used as much as it has been in the consoles.

Similarly, the PC version of Arkham Knight visibly lacks in terms of ambient occlusion and does a poor job of at least rain textures.

We have linked a comparison video above so that you can see it for yourself.

Rocksteady Studios have shared some recommendations to improve the game’s performance though, read up on them here.

It is expected that the developers will try to sort things out, but looking at the game’s credits we saw that only a little over ten developers at Iron Galaxy teamed together to port Batman Arkham Knight to PC – wonder how much can they fix!

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