Batman Arkham Knight Owners Get New 52 Skin Pack Free

Even before all of the problems with the PC version of Batman Arkham Knight the release was already having problems with the delays in both the Limited Edition and Collector’s Editions. Today to apologize to the people who paid their hard-earned cash for and as a gesture to everybody the New 52 Skin Pack has been made available for free.

This skin pack includes new costumes for Batman, Robin and Nightwing. These skins are based on the New 52 comic event from DC which saw the relaunch of its entire line of comics for 52 editions. This included new looks for the characters, which is where these new skins were born out of.

Whether this will be enough to appease fans still waiting for their promised items from the Limited Edition and Collector’s Edition will be interesting to see, and are new costume changes really enough?

As a PC owner I’ve spend a fair few hours on the PC port now, and managed to get it into a playable condition, but it looks far from its best.  For people with powerful rigs who want to see one of the biggest releases looking as good as some other major releases, it is understandable that they feel very let down. I tend to think a freebie like this won’t ease their woes at all.

Whatever our thoughts are on the PC version of the game, a patch will hopefully come to fix this sometime soon. Reviews based on the Playstation 4 version appear to be very positive right now, so it’s a shame that the controversies have marred its release.

What do you think about the New 52 Skins Pack being given away free? Let us know below.