Aid Worker Sya is the First Transgender NPC in Guild Wars 2

For those of you who are playing Guild Wars 2 and happen to go near the Mist Portals some of these days you might come across Aid Worker Sya.

Interestingly, she is the first transgender non playable character in the game as revealed by this Reddit user.

After digging a little deeper I found a couple of conversations between Sya and Lionguard Hela after she has had her gender changed to a female.

She is a mesmer which is why she was able to use mesmer magic to aid in the transition. As far as the conversation in question is concerned, here are a couple of dialogues:

Aid Worker Sya: Lionguard Hela! A pleasure to see you and Houser under better circumstances.
Lionguard Hela: Have we met before?
Aid Worker Sya: I helped with the relief efforts after Scarlet’s attack. My name is Sya but you might remember me as Symon.
Lionguard Hela: Now I remember. We pulled some of the survivors out of the rubble together.
Aid Worker Sya: Seeing so many die in those weeks… it made me realize how important it is to embrace life. To celebrate who we are
Lionguard Hela: Life’s too short to live any other way.

You can check out what she looks like in the image below so that if you come across her while playing Guild Wars 2 you would know who she is.

Guild Wars 2

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