Xbox One Update Brings Fixes for Game Streaming Scenarios

Preview members on the Xbox One received a new system software update, which is numbered xb_rel_1507.150615-2200. There is nothing notable in the update, other than fixes for Game Streaming scenarios.

Meaning players in the preview program can see better and improved  streaming on Windows 10.

With Windows 10 Microsoft is bringing Xbox and its OS closer together with plenty of new features within a new Xbox App. The OS is available to preview members, who are currently also enjoying Xbox One backwards compatibility.

The console is now capable of playing Xbox 360 games, both digitally and physically. Players will just have to install the disk onto the HDD.

Earlier, Bill Stillwell explained how the Xbox team created a virtual Xbox 360 in order to implement the backwards compatibility feature.

Backwards compatibility will roll-out this Fall with over 100 games available to Xbox One users. On the other hand, Sony doesn’t seem to be too interested in bringing backwards compatibility to PlayStation 4.