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Xbox One Team Created a Software Based Xbox 360 For Backwards Compatibility

Microsoft’s E3 press-conference was an event to remember, they learnt from their mistakes from previous E3 events and gave fans exactly what they wanted, without any TV bullshit!

A ton of games were shown, pacing was good and they hit us hard with the amazing backwards compatibility announcement. During E3 they kept things light and just glazed the backwards compatibility feature before moving onto other things.

So naturally we asked questions and for an explanation of how exactly things will work. Given that architectures of Xbox One and Xbox 360 are so different, how Microsoft’s plans to achieve this daunting task of backwards compatibility?

Microsoft’s Xbox team came up with the solution and built a virtual Xbox 360. According to Bill Stillwell from the Xbox Team:

[We] built a virtual Xbox 360 entirely in software. And then we take the old 360 games put them in the emulation program that is built into Windows 10

Players will be able to run both digital and disk based Xbox 360 titles on Xbox One. The console will now recognize Xbox 360 games, so all you have to do is put it in and install on your HDD.

It will be similar to running the game on Xbox 360, all the features including party chat, matchmaking etc will be at your fingertips.

Preview members already have access to backwards compatibility on Xbox One, but the feature will go public later this year.

At launch, over 100 Xbox 360 games will be available but Microsoft will keep updating the catalog on a regular basis. For more details, check out the video above.