Total War Attila The Last Roman Campaign Pack Hits June 25

If you have been playing Total War Attila in the past months and were waiting on something new to try out, the developers have just the thing for you in the form of The Last Roman Campaign Pack.

In Total War Attila The Last Roman Campaign Pack, you are Belisarius the last hope of a dying Roman Empire that looks for glory. You are Emperor Justinian’s “father’s former bodyguard, hero of the Battle of Dara, and the ruthless suppressor of the Nika riots.”

You have a gigantic task at hand, reconquering the West and it is going to take all the help you can muster.

Here’s an excerpt from the expansion pack’s story:

The struggle to fulfil your duty as servant of the Emperor Justinian is brought to life by a series of new story events and missions. The Emperor, the Empress and your own wife, Antonina, vie for your attention, demanding arduous and often contradictory services. Completing these tasks will provide you with the men and supplies you need, but offending the wrong person will greatly weaken the fragile Expedition.

Just to list down what you are being offered, there are new factions, campaign challenge, gameplay features and map. Here you go:

  • Huge new Campaign Map
  • New ‘Expedition’ faction with new gameplay features
  • 5 Playable Factions with additional new Units, Tech and Buildings
  • A dramatic story-based, campaign challenge

Currently, Total War Attila The Last Roman Campaign Pack is available on Steam for $13.49 after a 10 percent discount on its original price of $14.99. The expansion goes live on June 25.