The Evil Within’s New Patch Finally Disables Letterboxing

A highly requested feature by players to be able to disable the letterboxing has now been introduced with a new patch for The Evil Within.

Prior to the update, a mandatory 2:35:1 aspect ratio was set for the game. This meant that while playing the game, the screen would be cropped on the top and bottom sides with black bars. Previously, this same letterboxing has usually been referred to in the industry as the means for a ‘cinematic experience.’

With the new patch, however, players can finally play the game in full screen. The switch, though, is optional and you can always choose to continue playing with the letterboxing enabled.

According to Bethesda, the unusual aspect ratio for the game was “used for gameplay purposes, as certain elements display in the black areas of the screen.”

Alongside the disabling of the letterboxing, the new patch also brings balance fixes to the Casual difficulty settings. Players will now have more ammo and some kind of “adjustments to the game’s health bar.”

The new patch is available now on all platforms.