Reason Behind Skipping Dishonored 2 Gameplay at E3 Explained by Bethesda

At E3 2015, the presentation of Bethesda was not only the first to be held but also one the best ones this year. I say that because of the quality content shown: interesting offerings, gameplays, massive reveals and no bullshit.

While we got gameplays for DOOM and Fallout 4, the fate of Dishonored 2 was different.

So did they skip the gameplay for the title because it is not ready? Was it because Bethesda is giving it less importance as compared to the other three games?

All those were speculations; but now Pete Hines, the public relations and marketing vice president at Bethesda, has explained why really the game didn’t get a more detailed reveal.

According to him, it would have been a bit early and they didn’t want three of their own games competing with each other for sales and attention:

We thought it would be a couple of months early before we pull the curtain back next to Doom and Fallout 4. I did not wanted to hurry up and announce it during pre-E3 or showcase it next to the other two games. In addition to everyone else had, I had three games that are competing against themselves in my own showcase and two of them are not even going to come out until next year.

Hines also added that they had pushed Dishonored 2 a little down the line on purpose:

It felt like it may be too much at once so I kind of pushed that one down the line a little bit in terms of when we want to show the gameplay and do a similar demo to what we saw for Doom and Fallout 4 where we get to see a lot of the game.

Sadly we will have to wait for a little while before we know exactly when the Dishonored 2 gameplay demo is coming out.