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Project Cars 2 Announced By Slightly Mad Studios, Will Be A Crowd-Funded Project

It has been just a few months since Slightly Mad Studios released Project Cars on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game looked and played exceptionally well, but it wasn’t without its fair share of issues.

However, issues with Project Cars doesn’t stop Slightly Mad from going on to announce a sequel. Yes, Project Cars 2 has already been announced by the studio and to no one’s surprise the title will be crowdfunded.

The game was announced in a post over at the official website, via a brief post:

Slightly Mad Studios now turns its attention to the future with the announcement of the continuation of the franchise with Project CARS 2. And once again, the sequel will be created, tested, and ultimately approved by you – the gamers – through the WMD Portal crowd-funding platform.

From what I have seen, fans have shown mixed reactions for this news. Some feel the game shouldn’t have been announced so early on, while others feel excited to know about a new title being in development.

Since Project Cars 2 is a crowdfunded project, keeping its existence under wraps couldn’t have been possible. The game is still 2-3 years out, so for now enjoy all the racing action provided by Project Cars.

Do you think Project Cars franchise needs another installment? Share your take on the story down below.