Pokémon Jukebox App for Android Devices Available Now in West

It may have been available in Japan since earlier in the year, but today it was announced that Pokémon Jukebox has finally moved its way to the west.

Allowing users to download three free tracks per day it also allows for more to be purchased through the in-app shop. While Nintendo are still working on bringing their other games to mobile devices, Jukebox is an example of how with Pokémon they’ve actually already been around on mobile devices for some time.

Pokémon Jukebox will be available on Android devices through Google Play and along with the download of tracks functionality is provided to create playlists, allow looping, keyword song searches, custom tagging, medleys, and more.

While the ability to download free tracks will be welcome, it’s interesting to see how many fans will make a move to the in-app store and download more songs. Looking at the Google product page the user reviews may give away the fan’s reactions.

With comments such as “cash grab” used and people complaining about having to buy songs, this isn’t a good sign for the app, though an average review score of 3.6 out of 5 from 498 reviews this isn’t a total disaster.  As with many apps that use micro transactions though there is always a fine balance as to what fans will accept and what they decide is just a cynical attempt to make more money from the Pokémon community.

What we do have to remember is the fact that Pokémon is a commercial product that has to make money to be a success, and the app does actually provide free tracks for those who would rather not pay. In-app purchases are a choice so there is little to complain about.

What are your thoughts on an app like Pokémon Jukebox? Is it just another attempt to grab more money off Pokémon fans? Let us know below.