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PlayStation 4 1TB Model Will Cost EUR 399, PlayStation France Revealed

PlayStation 4 1TB is priced at EUR 399, if a Tweet from PlayStation France is to be believed. One of the fans asked about the price of the new console, to which the page replied by saying that the price will be the same as the current standard retail model.

This means that the new console will cost us EUR 399.

1TB model costing EUR 399 indicates that we are about to see a price drop for the 500GB model. Surely both versions can’t cost the same.

Sony is yet to officially drop the price but I think it is safe to assume that PS4 500GB will drop to somewhere around EUR 350.

The 1TB model will release next month on July 15 in Europe and PAL regions, according to a post on PlayStation blog.

The console will offer players with more space to store games, updates, expansions, save data and more. While some feel 1TB should have been there from the start, Sony did gave us the option to upgrade at any given time. However, this is the first official 1TB model we are seeing from the company.

On the other hand, if you are an Xbox One user, Microsoft has also announced a 1TB console model. You can read more here.

Will you be picking up a 1TB PlayStation 4? Let us know down below.