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Kingdom Hearts III is Implementing Free Running, Will Mostly Feature New Worlds

A bunch of new interviews with Tetsuya Nomura, game director of Kingdom Hearts III, has given us more information on the game’s new worlds.

Apart from Olympus, the rest of the worlds featured in Kingdom Hearts III are mostly going to be new. From Nomura’s excitement, it feels like even players will be surprised to the amount of new environments that they will be able to journey through.

There’s more to do than jumping and running. Free run is being implemented and Sora will probably be able to jump higher, run across walls, and the like.

The battle system will not utilize deck commands, and instead sport classic commands like “Attack” and “Magic.”

Kingdom Hearts III will see to the end of Xehanort’s story. However, Nomura assured that the Kingdom Hearts series itself is not finished. As for the whereabouts of some of the characters that fans have been concerned about, Nomura said that their inclusion in the game has already been decided.

Square Enix still has no release window for Kingdom Hearts III. The development is said to be right on track, but at the moment no talk can be made regarding a release date. The next batch of news for Kingdom Hearts III is promised to arrive at the D23 Expo Japan Kingdom Hearts fan event on November 3.

via Gematsu