Dishonored 2: Harvey Smith Talks About Freedom, Character Selection and More

At this year’s E3, Bethesda started the convention with a bang, even before it officially started. Dishonored 2 was a rumoured inclusion, and fans were not let down when a trailer revealed Emily Kaldwin would be a playable character this time.

Popular in the first game, this was seen as a positive move for the games progression.

Another popular aspect of the first game was the way Corvo had freedom, with little or no hand holding as to how to progress in his mission. Freedom was given, and depending on your actions it affected the world around you.

Speaking to Metro Harvey Smith commented on how gamers were welcoming this type of approach:

“…people are tired of being hand-held in games. They want to make decisions, they want consequences, they want this game to not be generic… what it is about this world that is interesting?”

Continuing he states:

“Don’t assume the audience is stupid. Give them something deep and immediate and they will respond.”

Revealing that this is a policy that will continue into Dishonored 2, whichever character you pick to play the game with. More interestingly though Smith comments on Karnaca, the new location for the game:

“We wanted to get away from the rat plague, that was one period in our history, and we wanted to move to a new city. So Karnaca is called the Jewel of the South, it’s the southern capital down in the land of Serkonos”

He also states that Emily will have a different set of powers to Corco, who will have his classical arsenal though these will be deepened to make them more complex.

On how the player selection will work, he also said:

“It’s the same series of missions but they have a different commentary. They’re fully voiced this time, so they’ll do the same sequence of missions but the missions are so sandbox-y that you’ll probably take a different path each time. But they have their own perspective on the story.”

Which confirms that even though the protagonist may change, the missions will not.

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