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Could Xbox One Provide Backwards Compatibility for the Original Xbox?

Sony may believe that gamers aren’t interested in backwards compatibility, but the fact that it is a nice thing to have at least is a winner in many people’s books. When Microsoft revealed at E3 they were providing it on the Xbox One it was seen as a positive move to win back gamer’s hearts.

With each generation of console, we still have games for the previous ones, and instead of gathering dust they could still have life.

With the huge collection of Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 games still out there people still have the desire to play them without having to dig out their older console just do it.

With Xbox 360 emulation confirmed, the most interesting aspect of this is the fact that it includes the full operating system, not just emulation on a per-game basis.

Publishers of the Xbox 360 game have to give permission for availability but when this is given it can be easily played on the Xbox One with relative ease. 

This raises the interesting question about compatibility with the original Xbox, could these games be made available too?

While this may be a bit of a stretch you have to remember that some games from the original Xbox were playable on the Xbox 360, so if the full OS is being supported then does this not mean that this compatibility will stretch over the generations?

While it may be said that the need for this type of emulation isn’t really there, there are still some gamers who would welcome it anyway. Remember retro gaming is actually popular these days.

Personally I’m a lot more interested in the compatibility between the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, I can’t think of a game from the original Xbox that I would want to play, but on the technology side, it is still interesting.

While Sony is held back with the unique architecture of the Playstation 3 when it comes to backwards compatibility Microsoft already appear to have worked out the quirks with their hardware, so why hold back now?

It would certainly be a win for the Xbox One which is something that Microsoft really need right now. Would you welcome Xbox One backward compatibility with the original Xbox? Let us know your thoughts below