Advanced Warfare Gets Full Gear Set Bonus XP, Royalty Weapons Live on Xbox One

During battle, finding an added edge is something all players want to have. Sledgehammer Games today announced two new additions to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare that may give players just that. These updates will give an XP bonus for the use of full Gear Sets and a set of new Royalty Weapons available to use during combat.

On the XP update Sledgehammer Games say:

“If you wear a full Gear Set, you’ll receive a +%5 XP Bonus for all of your online matches! We’re launching with a large number of full Gear Sets that will receive an XP Bonus.”

This XP bonus is available on all platforms, not exclusive to only Xbox One though the Royalty Weapons will be. To find out what items you’ll requite to be able to claim these XP bonuses just check your armoury where it will state which pieces are required to complete a set.

With respect to the Royalty weapons, these are versions of existing guns which are elite versions of the weaponry. Users of the Xbox One will find that these Royalty Elite weapons will be available in both regular and advanced supply drops.

Once the exclusivity of the Xbox One update has passed, this update should then be made available to players on the Playstation 4 and PC. It should be noted though that the Royalty updates will not be available on both the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Are you looking forward to the Royalty weapons and XP bonus for using the full gear sets? Let us know below.