Xbox One Sales in Japan Reach a New Low

Microsoft isn’t going to be happy with the Xbox One sale numbers that have come out of Japan – things aren’t looking good at all!

Eurogamer reported today that only 100 consoles had been sold between the dates Jun. 8 – Jun. 14, 2015. Looking at these values, it is easy to see that they are low, but the true scale only becomes apparent when you look at how other consoles were selling during the same time period.

Looking at the stats, the Wii U sold 16,413 between those same two dates and the Playstation 4 managed 10,822. These numbers were revealed by the Media Create company. When looking at the battle between the three main giants, this is obviously a bad sign for Microsoft’s console.

Other consoles such as the handheld 3DS managed 25,772 and even the Vita managed 10,797. The previous generation Playstation 3 even fared better by selling 2,633 units which is a little embarrassing for Microsoft to say the least.

The Xbox One release in Japan has been lackluster at best and it is obvious that something has to change to catch the gamers’ interest in the console. With the release of such titles as the timed exclusive Rise of the Tomb Raider this may bring exactly what is needed, as will a better performance from the console itself, but is it too late for the Xbox One to regain the interest of the Japanese gamers? Time will tell!

I’m sure that Microsoft won’t give up without a fight, but with such low number this may be an unwinnable battle. It will be interesting to keep an eye on this story in the coming months to see if things can change, or if a foothold on the Japanese market has been lost for Microsoft’s current generation console for good.

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