Ubisoft has Scrapped The Division Mobile Companion App

It has become somewhat of an annual tradition at E3 for The Division to be shown off by Ubisoft, but then nothing much to happen to it but for delays.

With beta testing promised for the Xbox One this year, with further testing on the PC and Playstation 4 to come in 2016 it is obvious though that progress is finally being made. One announcement that has been made though is that the companion app that was promised at previous E3 events is no longer in development.

Speaking to IGN a representative of Massive Entertainment, the developers of The Division was quoted as saying it “created an imbalance” and compromised gameplay. This is obviously something that gamers don’t need, especially in the middle of combat.

The companion app for The Division was designed to allow a player using mobile device to help players or hinder them during gameplay. The player would be able to control drones or offer armour to chosen players in the aim to change the balance of power during battle.

When The Division was first revealed in 2014 companion apps on second screens were all the rage, though the appeal has lessened somewhat these days. I’m not sure that many people will care about the lack of the companion app, at this point they are much more interested in The Division finally getting a release and also what it will actually look like upon release.

Hopefully with the promised beta testing this means that there will be some visible progress with The Division and no further delays will hinder the release of the game. We may even get to play it before the next E3, rather than seeing a further reveal at the event.

What do you think about the loss of the companion app for The Division? Let us know below.