Phantom Dust’s Development is on a Hiatus

With a CGI trailer, Microsoft announced a reboot of Phantom Dust at E3 2014. Following that reveal, however, the game pretty much bit the ‘dust’ in terms of information.

There was a lengthy period of silence about the game’s update, until it came to light that developer Darkside Games had washed its hands with the project. While it was never officially confirmed, a report by Kotaku suggested that the reason the developer was pulled away was because of its inability to meet Microsoft’s expectations.

Clearly, Darkside Games was trying to do something that Microsoft wasn’t happy with. We, though, might never know what went wrong.

With a year gone, we now finally have an official update on Phantom Dust, and it’s not looking good for anyone who was interesting in playing it soon.

While speaking to Gamertag Radio about the game in question, Marketing Head of Xbox Aaron Greenberg said that the game isn’t scrapped. However, it is also not in development.

“It has been a passion project for Phil and a lot of folks on the team and we are currently exploring what we are going to do in the long term,” he said. “The project is not cancelled. We don’t have an active developer on it right now.”

There’s no telling when and if Phantom Dust will get a new developer on board.