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League of Legends Female Heroes, Design Discussed by Developer

How do you look at the female characters in League of Legends? Do you think Riot Games is doing it right?

Lets answer that question after looking at the view point of the developers who are making them. Michael Maurino, the Senior Concept Artist at Riot Games was recently asked to delve into development of the female characters.

He initially began by explaining how he designed Diana stating that she was fairly a “fantasy knight” but added that “I definitely wanted to reevaluate how I approached strong women who have specific power fantasies in designing Diana.”

That was before he delved into how League of Legends developers design female characters in general:

We as artists at Riot have different ways we interpret power fantasies. We express it in different way. All of them are valid I feel. Whether that’s Riot Zeronis making extremely badass and conventionally sexy ladies, to TheBravoRay who designed Kalista and definitely bucked trends there, to myself who likes diving into what actively challenges conventional gender roles.

However, Maurino added that there are other solutions to gender diversities than “armored ladies” when it comes to role and character development in League of Legends and otherwise.

Moving on, here’s the part that I personally liked the most about the long reply that Maurino gave:

I’m also really delighted that other companies have made intentional strides to expand female character pools. Not for the sake of appeasement or agenda, but for the simple fact that so many amazing character possibilities lay undiscovered or have not been capitalized.

This really is what needs to be done, don’t you think?