Just Cause 3 Being Designed to be Mod Friendly, Square Enix Confirms

This year’s E3 in many ways saw a focus on giving the ability to modify games to the player.

Whether it was Doom with SnapMap or Fallout 4 highlighting the ability to use PC created mods on the Xbox One, the developers wanted us all to know that their games were open to be modified. This looks to be the case for Just Cause 3 too, where the focus seems to be less on story and more on letting the players do whatever they want to do with the new game.

Speaking to TechnoBuffalo producer Omar Shakir is quoted as saying:

“We’ve talked with modders before, a lot of members of the team started as modders, hacking into games and ripping them apart. It would be weird to me to finally be in a position to make huge, awesome games like this and then turn around and stop the next kids who are going to be doing that with this game, who will probably wind up as designers, programmers, producers in games. That first moment you tweak a game is the first moment you realize you have the power to do what’s in your imagination. So while I don’t have any specific information, we’re definitely going to make sure the modding community has the tools they need.”

This is obviously good news for anybody wanting to manipulate the game to fit what they want to do.

As players will remember Just Cause 2 famously had multiplayer functionality added through a mod and the Australian authors of this have been brought in to help make things easier for future development. While the source code can’t be released tools can be created to make modification a possibility.

Just Cause 3 is going to be a game focusing on player freedom, opening it up in ways maybe even the developers didn’t know it could be! Hopefully though these modifications can be reined in so that they do no damage to the player experience, but I doubt that would be allowed to happen.

What are your thoughts on modding Just Cause 3, is this going to be something you’ll be doing? Let us know below.