Blind Horror Game Perception Receives a New Gameplay Trailer

Game design is always evolving to find new ways to manipulate the player experience and innovations are continually made to do this.

Perception is a new horror game that looks to alter the way we see the nightmares heading our way. Giving the player ‘echolocation’ instead of full vision we are left with a sonar-like ability to ‘see’ our surrounding areas and the things moving around it.

Today a new trailer was revealed to show this in action:

At this time, Perception is looking for funding through Kickstarter and is coming from a group of developers who have worked on Bioshock, Bioshock Infinite and Dead Space.

At the time of writing, they have managed to collect pledges to the value of $136,248 of their $150,000 goal. With 67 hours to go and with a few days to go hopefully reach the goal so we can see the game be released!

The story for Perception sees the main character Catherine, a blind heroine tracking down an abandoned estate that is haunting her dreams.

Upon finding the mansion in Gloucester, MA she finds the house, Echo Bluff haunted by a presence that has tormented generations of owners. With its haunting focus now on her she is tasked with solving the mystery of the estate and ridding it and herself of the haunting.

With a way of seeing that is reminiscent of the way Marvel’s Daredevil is able, this is bound to be an interesting experience for the player. Featuring the same run and hide mechanism that we see featured in many horror games these days the trailer shows some genuinely creepy moments.

What are your thoughts on Perception, is this a game that will interest you? Let us know below.