Xbox One Sucks Globally But Got Attention, Says Google Trends Researcher

All of us loved Microsoft’s E3 2015 conference where they really shook the floor with a comparatively content filled presentation. However, some of the Xbox One users think there are major things that they need to fix now.

For instance, this Taiwanese Reddit user who did a little Google Trends research and combined it with his personal experience of the console.

For starters, it is interesting to note that during the E3 2015 week, Xbox One managed to garner almost as much attention as PlayStation 4 despite the fact that the latter has a lot more units out in the markets.

These claims were based on Google Trends for the week in multiple regions including US, UK, Republic of China, Japan, Germany, Brazil, Taiwan and Worldwide. You can check it out here.

However, the same person states that Microsoft is criminally ignoring the global market which is leading to the company lagging behind just like it was the case in the time of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Arguably, if you see the Google Trends in question it is clear that their marketing had an effect on English speaking countries but not so much on non-English speaking countries like China, Taiwan and Japan.

That awesome Kinect you have use everyday(if you have one)? Not working at all in most countries that Xbox One is available. That awesome Sunset Overdrive crowned as the Reddit GOTY? Most of my friends can’t understand a fucking word. Xbox Video and Music and TV guide? If you’re a Taiwanese, you will never see them on the dashboard.

It is a fact that they are lagging behind in terms of localizations, region based marketing and translations for Xbox One; setting aside a better plan (and budget) for this might change a few things in their favor pretty quick.