Destiny: This Week’s Trials of Osiris Map is Thieves’ Den

Destiny players are getting a new map for Trials of Osiris this week. Bungie has revealed that last week’s Cauldron is being switched with Thieves’ Den.

The new map, set on Venus, is known for its narrow passageways and tight corners that make it hard to dodge a shotgun blast to the face in close quarters. Due to its design, snipers are going to find it extremely tedious to search for a valuable spot to call their home. Even the best of the lot have only a few spots to snipe from.

Brother Vance’s inventory this week includes the Legendary pulse rifle The Messenger; Vest of The Exile (Legendary Hunter chest); Robe of The Exile (Legendary Warlock chest); and Plate of The Exile (Legendary Titan chest).

Trials of Osiris is a new end-game mode for Destiny which was released with the House of Wolves expansion pack. It focuses on PvP and pits two teams of three players against each other. The weekly challenge tasks you with winning five rounds before the enemy team. Respawns are disabled, though, a team-mate can revive you. The victorious team gets to keep a collection of valuable loot.