The Witcher 3 Patch 1.07 Will be Huge Including Many Fixes and Improvements

While there are plenty of people enjoying The Witcher 3 right now, the ever present problem of bugs will no doubt be on their mind. Today Marcin Momot of CD Project Red has taken to the official forums to let gamers know that not only will the latest patch be arriving soon but it will be a large one that will fix many of the bugs still present in the game.

Momot relayed to the users of the forum “1.07 is actually going to be a pretty large patch. We are already working on it. It’s not going to be too long before it comes out.

Can’t talk about the detailed list of changes but it will features A LOT of fixes.”

Which will no doubt be welcome news to the people who read it. The big question though will be what are the fixes that are coming? The answer to this is yet to be answered as a change list will only be revealed once it has been made official.

In related news, gamers on the Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions will also not be receiving patch 1.05 this week. This will only add to console gamer’s annoyance as it seems the PC version is getting more preferential treatment. Again Momot answered these issues in the forum.

It’s obvious that the console versions will have different issues than the PC so this makes sense, and also the fact that console patches have to go through more rigorous checks than the PC will also slow patch releases down.

Fans worries should be alleviated though by the news that patch 1.07 will also be coming their way soon.

Are you a console player who finds the holdup on fixes annoying? Let us know your thoughts below.