The Last Guardian Gets Official Website and New Screenshots

Development cycle of The Last Guardian, that our Saqib Mansoor regards as a tale of suffering, started way back in 2007.

It has been eight long years since then, and despite being an interesting title, the game was ignored so much that it didn’t even have a website, any substantial build, or even a good gameplay to show off other than what we see at E3 events.

However, Team Ico might finally have decided to gear up things as Sony’s E3 2015 conference brought a release window of 2016.

To add to that, publishers Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia have also put up the official website of The Last Guardian.

The website in question doesn’t really share a lot of new stuff except maybe for a screenshot that features the giant creature Trico with the boy sitting on its head and another image of the two where the furry creature is sleeping with the boy resting on its back.

Other than that, it has other images from the game which mostly show off the two characters and try to express their emotional bond.

There also is the E3 trailer for those who might have missed out on it and then there are descriptions about the game director Fumito Ueda and the development studios working on it i.e. Team Ico and Gen Design.

We now know that The Last Guardian is coming in 2016, but if it gets delayed again it won’t be the first time.

The Last Guardian 2

Do you think that The Last Guardian is going to make it out in 2016?