The Last Guardian Delay Was Based on Technical Reasons, Explains Dev

After a long-time waiting that seemed like near-eternity, The Last Guardian was finally revealed in proper fashion at the E3 during Sony’s PlayStation 4 briefing.

The reason for the game’s delay till then was widely unknown. Some claimed it to be due to financial reasons, but if that were the case, its popularity alone could’ve made it a number one backer on a crowd-funding site like Kickstarter.

The real issues, however, were not related to finances, but related to technology. The Last Guardian is a highly ambitious project that involves complexities that are not immediately tangible, but as the game goes on are more noticeable through the interactions between the boy protagonist and his giant dog-bird-chicken hybrid companion.

The highly respected Fumito Ueda, who is the brains behind the project, explained the difficulties that he and his team faced in the past few years during which silence about the game was maintained.

Ueda told PlayStation Blog about why exactly the game took so long, highlighting that the major issues were more technical.

“Obviously there were a number of reasons for the delay. If I had to call out one of them, it was more of a technical hurdle that we had to overcome. But eventually we have overcome it, and we have finally – proudly – announced the game for PS4 during the E3 press conference.”

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida further elaborated in an interview with Kotaku on these technical difficulties. According to him, the game wasn’t running up to the required standards on the PlayStation 3, which meant that developers would have to make way too many sacrifices that would limit the impact and meaning of the game.

With features missing and difficulty in porting the code on PlayStation 3’s SPU, the team decided to shift the entire project to the much more capable PlayStation 4, which is what led to the re-ignition of the project.

The Last Guardian is expected to be available for the PlayStation 4 next year.