Horizon: Zero Dawn Won’t Have Any Tutorials to Help You, Says Dev

Guerilla Games’ freshly announced Horizon: Zero Dawn PlayStation 4 exclusive title will not have any kind of tutorials.

The statement came from the game’s art director Jan-Bart van Beek, who told Videogamer how the post-apocalyptic Horizon will not provide gamers with a helping hand, and how one would have to learn through trial and error.

“We don’t tutorialise the game, we don’t go and tell you how to hunt these robos or how they interact. You really have to go out there and explore these things by trial and error.”

Players will have to go out in the wild and carefully observe the behavior of different ‘robos’, how they interact with one another, which ones are more hostile, and which is the best weighed target for an ambush.

While the gameplay of Horizon has been covered well in various interviews and reveals following its E3 announcement and demonstration, but van Beek cautioned everyone that the studio will not be talking about the story of the game during interviews or press releases.

“You won’t find us in any interviews explaining what the robos are, why they are there or how they came to be. This is something for the player to find out themselves.”

Jan-Bart van Beek also mentioned a few things about the character development system of the game, indicating that there are two parallel ways to level your character. One is the well-known acquisition of abilities through XP gain, while the other involves crafting and harvesting, done by defeating stronger robos to acquire armor and other upgrades.

“By going into nature and defeating bigger and stronger robos you’ll get better armour-plating, better weaponry and slowly but surely you’ll develop your character in a more naturalistic way.”

Horizon: Zero Dawn will be released for the PlayStation 4 sometime next year.