FIFA 16: All The Features We Know About So Far

FIFA 16 was formally unveiled at E3 with a more than necessary emphasis on the “beautiful game,” and at the time we were shown a decent amount of gameplay and features of that “beautiful game.”

Below you can see a round-up of all the new features players can expect to see in FIFA 16.

No Touch Dribbling

FIFA 16 will feature “No Touch Dribbling,” which is a welcomed addition. On-field players will be able to jog behind the ball without making contact, making sharp turns and freeing themselves of the ball to buy time.

New Tackling Fundamentals

Some new tackling mechanics are being introduced in FIFA 16, with new animations for slide, standing, and fake tackles; making tackles more responsive and engaging.

Interception Intelligence

Players are more intelligent when it comes to making interceptions and closing down options for the opposing player. Your teammates are smarter then ever before and will move forward, make spaces to allow for a better attack through the midfield.

Passing with Purpose

Passing has been improved to let you make sharp, clever passes with precision. Courtesy of a new passing mechanic, players can find teammates through tight corners to open up their attacking options.

Dynamic Crossing

Dynamic crossing allows for more precise and accurate crosses. Forward players will move onto and attack the ball more aggressively and with intent.

Clinical Finishing

Ball will be better placed in the player’s foot and ankle which will allow for improved finishing and goal scoring. This will also allow for improved accuracy and power.

Compete at a Higher Level

FIFA 16 features a FIFA Trainer with an optional graphic overlay that will offer gameplay option depending your situation, position on the pitch and trainer level.

Defend as a Unit

You can now rely more on your teammates to cover gaps when you head closer to an attacker. New defensive AI makes players more responsive and defensively aware.

Defensive Agility

25 feature changes allow for better mobility and locomotion to track highly skilled players. Mobile defenders are able to close gaps and swing-step behaviour lets them change direction quickly to stay on-top of the attackers.

FIFA 16 is coming to all major platforms later this year.