DOTA 2 Reborn Gets A 5.5GB Patch To Fix A Ton Of Issues

Well, DOTA 2 players were already sitting in front of their screens waiting for 11GB of Reborn update to download, who knew there is going to another 5.5GB added to that?

Developer Valve somehow saw fit to release another 5.5GB of data in order to fix issues with the 11GB they just released, what? and why? Could it not been better to QA Reborn properly before rolling it out?

dota 2

What’s more weird is that players are reporting another 170MB update, which starts downloading before the 5.5GB patch. There is no explanation for this at the moment, so lets just take a look at the full changelog below:

  • Fixed illusions being able to manipulate and sell items
  • Fixed various bugs with Render Quality setting
  • Fixed Huskar causing significant framerate loss
  • Fixed various crashes when joining lobbies
  • Fixed Armlet causing you to lose too much HP when toggling
  • Updated many areas of the Terrain
  • Fixed various bugs with hero abilities in Demo Mode
  • Fixed various lobby bugs (including games often not launching when full, more lobby fixes to come here)
  • Fixed being able to escape the map in Demo Mode
  • Fixed Decay not manipulating HP properly
  • Fixed a crash when using Charms
  • Fixed Custom Game panel sometimes not showing games
  • Fixed various bugs when gaining item drops
  • Fixed some old Arcanas not working properly
  • Fixed being able to ward in the Roshan pit
  • Fixed Terrain texture quality bugs
  • Added a new netgraph vconsole subtool. Launch Vconsole2.exe and select the netgraph icon.
  • Fixed an issue with how we update the beta that caused existing downloads to restart when updates started (fixed for updates after this one)
  • Fixed being unable to play private bot games when in a party
  • Fixed enemy seeing Necro units on minimap
  • Fixed sometimes being unable to see the game name when you join a lobby
  • Fixed a crash when dire or radiant ancients were destroyed
  • Fixed bugs with Truesight
  • Fixed disconnect button not working while connected to a custom game
  • Fixed some heroes having incorrect voice filters
  • Fixed Windranger spawn line
  • Fixed Necrophos voice and spawn lines
  • Fixed all chat not working sometimes
  • Fixed various bugs with screen resolutions
  • Fixed automatic region detection not working
  • Fixed sometimes not being able to see which custom game your friend is playing
  • Fixed some areas where player IPs were discoverable
  • Profile now shows the same stats as the ones you select for your miniprofile
  • Added Australia and Brazil regions for Reborn beta
  • Fixed text formatting carrying through incorrectly in the friends feed
  • Fixed Acid Spray from blocking neutrals
  • Fixed “Chat with player” not grabbing focus
  • Fixed some crashes when using chat commands
  • Fixed losing some sound settings if they were changed while playing a custom game
  • Fixed not being able to start game under Windows N
  • Fixed a crash related to various source1 command lines (-enable_addons, -novid, -dxlevel)
  • Fixed match disabled label in play tab not going away when match disabled time expires
  • Solo bot match when in a party now starts a lobby game and connects, instead of playing a local match
  • Fixed “Kick from lobby team” showing up at the wrong times in player context menu
  • Fixed ApplyDataDrivenModifier causing an error when setting duration in script
  • Fixed the reconnect button behavior when in custom games
  • Fixed Lone Druid bear not animating sometimes

The silver-lining here is that Valve has added Australia and Brazil regions for Reborn beta.