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Dogmeat in Fallout 4 is “Unkillable” and Unplayable, Bethesda Confirms

We have seen Dogmeat, the dog companion of our protagonist in Fallout 4 during the footage shown to us so far. However, what is the extent of his role?

While we don’t have the exact answer to that, we have at least two confirmations; firstly, he is not going to get killed and secondly he will not be playable.

This was revealed by Bethesda’s vice president of public relations, Pete Hines, while talking to VentureBeat regarding the games they are making right now.

It’s pretty funny. I enjoyed that today. But we’re not going to do it. We’re stopping at the humans. Men and women only. But people were expressing relief and joy at the fact that Todd said Dogmeat cannot die in the game. As dog owners, we all just could not handle that. He is unkillable in the game. It would be heartbreaking.

Not just that, Hines went on to talk about the real life Dogmeat that they live with. They used a pet dog that belongs to one of the developers of Fallout 4 to model the in-game dog. The real one was recently at their office making them feel like they were with the character from Fallout 4.

He was actually in the office, the original Dogmeat, the model we used. He belongs to one of the members of the dev team. You can’t help but be super excited when you see actual Dogmeat walking in the office. He got petted more that day than in the entire rest of his life.

Are you glad that Dogmeat can’t be killed in the game? Or does it put you off that he isn’t playable?