CD Projekt Tells Why There’s No News of Cyberpunk 2077 Ever Since Reveal

CD Projekt Red went mysteriously silent about its sci-fi game Cyberpunk 2077 ever since releasing its reveal trailer. The silence doesn’t seem to make sense to most, especially since the firm confirmed earlier this year that it won’t be showing off the game till at least 2017.

CD Projekt’s CEO Marcin Iwinski and Head of Marketing & PR Michal Platkow Gilewski chatted with IGN about why they decided to reveal the trailer even though the game is far away from being demonstrated, let alone released.

“We released the Cyberpunk teaser trailer because we wanted to see how gamers felt about it. We were super excited about the project internally, but what if it wasn’t the right thing [for us]? But the response has been incredible. Now it’s just up to us to deliver. We’re hard at work on it.”

Iwinski was apparently highly impressed by Bethesda’s strategy in revealing the long awaited Fallout 4. According to him, to come and tell the world that a game is real, in the making, and reveal its release date is the perfect strategy. Iwinski hopes to do something similar for Cyberpunk 2077.

“We’re impressed with Fallout 4’s rollout. They came on stage and said ‘It’s here, it’s real, and it’s coming out on this date.’ We’re going to do something similar. We’re going to wait [to reveal the game] until we can show off a very meaningful piece of it.”

According to Iwinski, moving away from medieval/fantasy settings to more futuristic and complex environments is extremely important for its firm, as it keeps the developers fresh and interested. The reference is to their long-term involvement in the highly successful The Witcher franchise.

“You can craft swords for 12 years, but you might get burnt out. People might want to leave and go work on something else. We’re excited to switch to guns. We intended to keep [the team] energized with Cyberpunk.”

Let’s hope we don’t’ actually have to wait till 2017 to see what CD Projekt has in store for us.