Batman Arkham Knight’s Limited Edition Delayed, Packaging is to be Blamed

As with many of the latest game releases, Batman Arkham Knight has different editions to suit gamer’s tastes, and the size of their wallets. It seems though with this game the many editions may be running into problems.

Eurogamer who originally reported about the cancellation of the Batmobile Edition have also revealed that people who ordered the Limited Edition which is exclusive to Amazon are receiving emails to inform them that this edition has been delayed.

The reason for the delay seems to be the quality of the packing, as Amazon are contacting the purchasers saying the edition “will be delayed as the manufacturer has advised us that there’s been a packaging quality issue.”

Obviously this will be annoying to people who are looking forward to the release, all is not lost though. While the actual Limited Edition is delayed they will still be getting a download code sent to them on June 23rd, the day of release.

People who have ordered the Limited Edition have been further informed that they should receive the full package no later than July 13th. This package in full will include:

  • An 80 page full colour art book showcasing the concept art of Batman: Arkham Knight.
  • The game itself in a SteelBook case.
  • A Limited edition DC Comics Batman Arkham Knight #0 Comic Book.
  • An Exclusive Character Skin Pack that includes three new skins including DC’s The New 52.
  • The Batman Memorial State

The less said about the memorial statue the better as this is a possible spoiler, but I’m sure that fans who have purchased this version will be looking forward to finally receiving this as well as their full Limited Edition.
What are your thoughts on the delay, is it good that they’ve held back until the release is a sufficient quality or is this a letdown for fans?